Supervision is a formal arrangement for Counsellors to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in counselling and supervision. The role of supervision is to provide an opportunity for therapist’s to discuss their work in confidentiality, where the client’s identity is not disclosed. The role of supervision is to work together to ensure and develop the effectiveness of the counsellor/client relationship. Supervision assists in the maintenance of standards of Counselling care for clients and aids the professional development of the therapist.

Supervision is vital to the ongoing maintenance of a Counsellor’s competency and continued accreditation. All experienced and trainee practitioners working in the field of psychotherapy and counselling are bound by their governing body’s Code of Ethics and Practice to monitor their work through regular supervision as an integral part of their practice. Regular supervision serves also to ensure that their standard of counselling is competent and continues to evolve and develop.

Abate Counselling & EAP lead a highly experienced Nationwide Team of Accredited Counselling Supervisors for Counsellors who are in training, Qualified Counsellors or Accredited Counsellors.

Supervision for individuals or groups:

Abate Counselling & EAP can provide Supervision for both individuals and groups and our service can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. To make an appointment for Supervision you can contact Abate Counselling & EAP free of charge on free-phone 1800 222 833.

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